TMJ – An Overview

TMJ which is otherwise known as Temporomandibular joint disorders or Temporomandibular joint dysfunction is a medical disorder caused due to the dislocation of the jaw joint that connected to the skull. You have TMJ syndrome if you experience pain on the facial muscles, along the ear or below the ear, difficulty in chewing, opening and closing your mouth, and swelling on the affected side of the head.

Depression, chronic headaches, and ringing in the ears are other symptoms to check for TMJ syndrome.Finally, a problematic bite should alert you to be assessed for TMJ. And finally if left untreated this could lead to other serious conditions.

There are a number of simple treatments for TMJ syndrome and these include correcting posture, eating soft food, cutting food to bite sizes and applying hot/cold compress to the affected region. Anti-inflammatory oral pills and oral splints to prevent teeth clenching and grinding may also be prescribed bydoctors.

The TMJ Pill is no miracle pill but can do wonders to ease the symptoms. It helps to relieve the pain associated with this disorder by reducing the inflammation caused due to the tightening of the muscle jaws. It even helps to relax the jaw muscles  all while avoiding causing any sort of drowsiness in the healing process.

The pill also contains the most essential minerals and vitamins which are required during the healing process. The good news is that there are no side effects and can be used even while undergoing a treatment plan suggested by your dentist. 

Facts About TMJ Revealed

Temporomandibular joint disorder or TMJ as it is commonly called is a very painful condition that originates from the joint of the jaw which is located right where the lower jaw bone connects with the skull. The pain is sharp and travels to other areas in the body including the head, neck and shoulders.

There are various causes for this medical condition and the main reason why this occurs is when the jaw bones are not aligned. If left untreated, this condition can worsen drastically in a matter of hours and can lead to a variety of serious health problems.

TMJ symptoms include teeth grinding, the wear and tear on a sufferer’s teeth can change the shape of the sufferer’s teeth, affect the sufferer’s bite, and expose their prematurely worn teeth to decay and disease leading to inflammation. Teeth grinding brought on by TMJ can also cause headaches and tension in the neck. Often the pain of these ailments will lead to restless nights and can even develop into insomnia.

The TMJ pill is designed to provide both quick as well as long lasting TMJ pain relief. It is a 3-step natural treatment which involves a unique and powerful internal anti-inflammation complex. The pill contains  ingredients designed to gently relax the muscles inside of the jaw to release tension, all while avoiding causing any sort of drowsiness in the healing proces.

The most needed minerals and vitamins are also contained in this supplement for people needing TMJ relief. It can work well with specific healing plans designed by your dentist or specialized medical clinic and over a period of time makes the process of getting TMJ relief much more pleasant.